Indulge in our outstanding Vogue Trio set - complete with the Creme De La Creme, Eye Conic Serum and VIP Elite Serum, and save £69.95 by purchasing our bundle.


Creme De La Creme Edition - 23 Carat Gold, Pearl & Caviar Facial Moisturiser - £79.95

Our Ultimate Luxury Day & Night Cream.

Welcome to our “Creme De La Creme Edition”.  A sumptuous, anti wrinkle cream containing 23 Carat Gold, Pearl & Caviar.  A luxurious cream to use after our VIP serum, during the day or at night with our Extra Veil Of Glow.  Containing caviar extract, this moisturiser is rich in vitamins A, B, D and E has an antioxidant action to leave the skin more radiant and softened. Gender neutral. 


The Eye Conic Eye Serum - £69.95

Results On Reflection. Our stunning eye serum is the best available. Containing HMW (high molecular weight) hyaluronic acid to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Based on bio-technology, our Eye Conic Eye Serum has been formulated to moisturise, smooth and nourish. In tests the active ingredients showed visible lifting in less than 15 mins. Yes, 15 minutes!  Perfectly adapted for all skin types & can be used day and night. Can be used with or without make up.

  • 23 Carat Eye Contour Serum Perfectly adapted for all skin types.The complex active ingredients have been formulated to reduce puffiness, moisturise, nourish and provide a visible lifting effect on eye area.
  • Actives based on bio-technologies include Acacia Gum, Hydrolysed Polysaccharides (sugar and water molecules) and Hyaluronic Acid.


The VIP Elite Highly Concentrated Face Serum - £69.95

Green With Envy – Must Have. A stunningly unique serum that can be used day or night underneath our Creme De La Creme during the day or An Extra Veil Of Glow at night. Multi tasking & ultra high performance, this is one of our best selling items.   Highly concentrated, this intensive gel serum focuses on and targets specific areas of concern, using oryzanol (rice bran) and alpine plants. 

  • Skin will appear plump, youthful and dewy
  • Activates skin cells at the core to regulate skin discolouration
  • Rice is proven to be one of the best antioxidants for skin protection
  • The active serum sinks deep into the lower layers of the skin
  • Highly nourishing, rice bran oil slows down the ageing process.
  • Improves elasticity
  • Light in texture, use as a make-up primer for skin

This serum is a definite must have and a product you won’t want to be without.



The Vogue Trio