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Introducing our new Face Body & Bump Moisturising Edition, perfect for keeping your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated from head to toe. This multi-purpose moisturiser is specially formulated to nourish and protect the skin on your face, body. Infused with natural ingredients like neroli, grapefruit & mandarin oil. This luxurious cream is gentle enough for daily use and safe for all skin types. Whether you're dealing with dryness, stretch marks, or just want to maintain a healthy and youthful glow, our Face Body & Bump Moisturising Edition is the perfect all-in-one solution for your skincare needs. Say goodbye to multiple products cluttering your bathroom shelves and hello to a streamlined, effective moisturising routine with this all-in-one wonder. Can be used after your first 3 months of pregnancy. Dad's love this too. Smells just lovely !

Face Body & Bump Moisturising Edition

VAT Included
  • 250ml

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