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A Comforting, Brightening & Creamy Treat.

Our gorgeous Cream Of The Crop face masks are bursting with vitamin E and rice bran. They help reduce blemishes and moisturise, whilst intense anti-oxidising properties assist in restoring a beautiful healthy glow to the face. These face masks also help to control sebum production, removing excess oils and mattifying the skin.  Packed full of shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and D, pro-vitamin A and allantoin, they excel in stimulating collagen production and cell repair to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pure beeswax provides antibacterial and protecting properties, whilst locking moisture into the skin. A blend of alpine plants (Lemon Balm, Lady’s Mantle, Cowslip, Peppermint to name a few), combine to deeply cleanse and provide cooling, calming and anti-viral properties. Delicately apply mask avoiding the eye area. Leave for 15 mins then remove.  Tone and moisturise. 

The Cream Of The Crop - Pure Luxury Face Masks. Set of 3.

VAT Included
  • 50g x 3

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