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Indulge in the luxurious experience of A Rose Is A Rose Ultra Luxurious Cleansing Melt, a rose oil facial rinse off, emulsifying cleanser. This elegant cleansing melt is specially formulated to gently and effectively remove dirt, oil, and makeup, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Made with the finest rose oil, this cleansing melt not only cleanses the skin but also helps to soothe and nourish, making it perfect for all skin types. The rich, creamy texture melts into the skin, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Treat yourself to the ultimate in skincare luxury with A Rose Is A Rose Ultra Luxurious Cleansing Melt. retty Pink Cleanser For Day & Night UseA cult favourite. Flecked oil based gel cleanser with the addition of gorgeous damask rose oil. The honey texture melts between fingertips into a hydrating oil,then emulsifies into a milky fluid. Add water and massage into skin, rinse & gently pat skin dry. A gentle conditioning make-up remover. Follow with your skin toner & treatments.

A Rose Is A Rose Ultra Luxurious Cleansing Melt 50ml

VAT Included
  • 50ml

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