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Skin...Everybody's largest organ !

Updated: Mar 29

We often blame external factors for our skin problems...that's easy isn't it ?

The truth is, it begins with a good sleep routine, we don't call it beauty sleep for nothing do we ?

What's the first thing we do upon waking ? We use the lav & do a quick check in the mirror to see how we are looking, hopefully rested after a decent 7+ hours...anything less per night, truly shows. A sleep deficit will creep up on you which is horrid.

It's that reflection once again. It effects all age groups, from zits to mature skin !

We tend to head over to the cosmetic counter & look for all sorts of answers ! A face full of make up to cover up ?..don't kid yourself or get me wrong, I use make up & enjoy doing so but you will look far better if the very canvas of your beauty, your skin is clear & radiant. Nothing replaces a beautiful complexion ! Men think oh lets have a blob of my partners cream in the bathroom... there is no getting away from it ! We all like to look our best !

Water, hydration...

Ever wondered why you look so good when you return from your hols ? It's the rehydration, the carefully chosen colourful foods, the sleep etc.

A few weeks later you wonder why you aren't glowing still ?

Nothing replaces a change in pace but that's just one aspect.

Try eating all those yummy rainbow foods for a few weeks after your hols & trust me you will notice that the glow remains ! Don't feel guilty...we all deserve the me time the water & controlled intake of food. Of course do check with your doctor if you aren't sure, but we all know if we've been eating a load of rubbish & sugar rush foods.

Reduce sugar & salt intake...practice a calm hour before bed, restrict alcohol...& screen time...instead of scrolling scrolling scrolling, go for a long walk at a time that you can work into your daily routine. Install a step counter, it helps slims the waist & getting outside is good for capturing your vit D, the happy vitamin.

We all have the same 24 hours a day, use yours wisely !

We really believe we are all born beautiful but it takes work effort & good skincare.

All in all it's the discipline that you benefit from & your skin will smile straight back at you !

If you've taken the time to read this we also have an offer code for you.

Lorraine25 which will give you 25% off across our website. I am the founder & my passion has always been skincare & the journey we go through in life. A few tweaks on lifestyle & what the mirror reflects is something we can all work on.

Our fitness blog is a tad tougher & more about active fitness but ever so good. We like to keep you looking & feeling good !

So get in touch if you would like any help with your skincare dilemmas from teen to menopause, from boys to men. Pesky to smoothing ! Fed up to happy !

And of course looking good at any age is what we do best with our niche but ever so good products !

Bestest to you,

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