Though the unique concept of blending global aesthetics with western science provides  Bourne & Morgan with a strong differentiating factor, we had to extend this beyond a mere concept. From the very beginning, we based our philosophy on five core management principles as follows:

Quality first.  We use only the finest ingredients.

Coexistence with nature.  All products are 100% natural.

Co-prosperity with charity.   Donations to charity via sales are a fundamental part of our business, currently incorporating the Blue Light Card – The largest provider of discounts for the UK’s Emergency Services, NHS &Armed Forces.

Respect for customers. The customer comes first.  Always

 Company stability and sincerity.   Bourne & Morgan strive for permanence; thus offering stability. Sincerity is guaranteed by our trustworthy reputation. We have also crafted brand identities for all our products and aimed at positioning them towards different customer requirements.

Bourne & Morgan have based our brand building on five key points:

  • Creativity- finest available and unique innovation in all our product offerings
  • Blend of global sustainable resources and marine awareness with sensitivity towards eco renewable values
  • Application of scientifically tested formulae to create products that would enhance skin care and beauty
  • Ability to customize offerings to our different markets by constantly analyzing market trends and customer needs.
  • Excellent dedicated team with a strong distribution strategy.

Brand philosophy

Right from its inception, Bourne & Morgan are managing to build our image as innovators and market leaders. Unique skincare products will enhance our reputation and gain a high level of acceptance in our domestic market as the heritage of the brand becomes more widely known. The beauty and cosmetics industry are dominated by brands from Europe and the United States. Therefore have a dual challenge of breaking into the global beauty industry, gaining acceptance and to build a strong brand. has taken the innovation route. One of the strongest advantages for us is the fact that we are a UK brand venturing into the global markets. We used the self confident aura of a historic land with its vast traditions, colour, pomp & ceremony as an advantage. Our first products for the global market were named personally and were launched in 2020. We packaged using traditional lacquer designs from centuries old colours and designs. This not only gave us a distinct appearance but also created an aura of history and tradition around it.

Bourne & Morgan has always prioritised research and development by introducing products based on clinically tested formulae. The vision behind Bourne & Morgan has been “Creative Imagination & Integration”. This vision called for an integration of function with sensitivity. In line with this vision, Bourne & Morgan has introduced many products aimed at enhancing the beauty of its customers. An example is Bourne & Morgan’s first anti-ageing skincare range called The Elite, the ingredients create a relaxing fragrance cultivated with a completely new aromacology. This initiative will give Bourne & Morgan credibility in professional markets. By bringing together rational elements backed by a scientific proof and aspiration as well as emotional elements backed by a strong brand image and personality,  Bourne & Morgan will be successful in positioning itself in many markets globally.

Another important pillar of  Bourne & Morgan’s brand philosophy is its flexibility in modifying and customising its offerings. It not only does these in different markets in line with its unique needs, cultures and so on, but also in its brand management practices. One of the reasons for our growing success is that the brand has been able to span markets from the premium segments to the value segment by creating distinct brand identities and personalities for its product lines. ie our Elite & Verdant ranges. We have introduced an additional line named Bourne & Bred, and positioned it as a first class brand.

By tracking the trends of the customers and the associations that they had about certain products with certain places, we have created their distinct stories. For example, customers preferred a good and elite image and that was conveyed by creating a brand personality with a global undertone. For skin care products, customers preferred quality and reliability which was conveyed by creating a brand personality with a UK undertone. This kind of flexibility in its brand management model will help us to take on different market segments in various areas.

Finally, we are in the process of developing a very strong distribution network, across all our major markets globally. In the future, we are looking to adopt the following:

  • Luxury products along with personal consultation to customers.
  • Department store selling luxury and middle level products along with personal consultation to customers
  • Online stores & future “roadshow” sales

This strategy will prove very successful as we will be able to market the entire product portfolio through leveraging multiple channels.

Bourne & Morgan brand portfolio will consist of categories, each catering to specific consumer needs:

Prestige: Our Elite Range

Fragrance: For the home

Personal Care: Body wash, shower products

Professional:  Hair products

Healthcare: Lifestyle fitness

Bourne & Morgan brand strategy

As beauty is an industry primarily driven by aspirations, lifestyle and images, we have decided primarily on the UK customer base to gain visibility, acceptance and access to established markets rather than spending years to establish the brand globally from scratch. When the Bourne name becomes synonymous with perfection, the business will grow accordingly.

Future challenges

Despite Bourne & Morgan’s enduring initial success, we face a new set of challenges as we travel ahead into new markets with different demographics, increased competition and multiple segments.

Continue the Global – UK blend: One of the main challenges for us going ahead will be to maintain the blend that we created between the global mystique and western cosmetics science and technology. It becomes significant as  Bourne & Morgan has been testing the water in the US and Europe with its own heritage and unique brand stories. Given this, it will be quite a challenge for us to carry on with the blending as that is one of our strongest differentiation factors.

Consistency in positioning: Predominantly,  Bourne & Morgan has positioned itself as a high-end premium and luxury brand and it will continue to grow and span the entire market spectrum from low-end, value, middle and luxury segments. With customers traveling around the world, a global media landscape and internet enabling information flow across countries much easier, we will take steps to ensure we convey our varied positioning carefully in its different markets.

Maintaining a strong brand architecture system: Managing the brand building can prove to be a very challenging task.  Given the diverse market segments Bourne & Morgan’s brand extensions serve, these brand extensions will obviously have their own brand image and personalities. Integrating them with the parent brand and managing their interactions with the parent brand will be quite challenging.

Developing the corporate brand in the western world: Even at this early stage, developing a strong corporate brand with a unique identity and personality will be very crucial for  Bourne & Morgan’s long term success.

Leveraging on digital technology to bring better customer experience: In today’s digital world, it is difficult to ignore the effect that digital technology will have on businesses. Specifically for  Bourne & Morgan, it is important to explore the possibilities that digital technology can have on its customer experience. One plan is to accompany customers on their journey of using the product, checking back after 3 months to see how the product has performed and how it can be made better to suit customers’ needs.  Bourne & Morgan’s success in the future will definitely depend on its ability to execute on its digital strategy to help drive its customer experience to the next level.

Conclusion: Bourne & Morgan needs to carve its way forward

Since inception, Bourne & Morgan has realized the importance of offering a highly differentiated experience to customers, to excite them constantly, awaken their senses through innovative and high quality products and to segment its customers to offer them a brand experience targeted to each of these segments.