Beauty – The Beast!

Women are faced with a constant barrage of advertisements every day and the subliminal messages that come with this visual assault. These messages are influenced by years of sexism and over-sexualization in the media and shape the actions of female consumers.

Why Women Still Buy Beauty Products

Since the first introduction of widespread advertising, it has portrayed women as objects of beauty. Many advertisements represented women and girls in the most negative use of advertising imaginable.  A myriad of women, and even their male counterparts, have attempted to oppose such implementation of advertisements to no avail.  In modern advertisement with the commonality of Photoshop and the popularity of retouching, women are now portrayed as flawless and anatomically impossible. Portraying women in such ways can be harmful on several levels. The ideal for feminine beauty is a concept that has been socially created by depicting that physical attractiveness encompasses the most vital qualities for a woman and that all women must do anything possible to acquire and maintain this attractiveness. The demands to comply with these ideals and the specific description of ideal beauty can lead to radical psychological consequences. Studies have indeed indicated that such ideals have been related to depression, eating disorders, reduced self-esteem, and several more. Girls are subjected to images of this ideal at very young ages and such constant exposure extends through adulthood. All over the world, magazine, advertising, marketing, and fashion industries repeatedly emphasise the standards of ideal beauty. These industries sell the concept of ideal beauty with the full understanding that body image is an important concept in the minds of their adolescent and young adult consumers. By creating and enforcing the belief that beauty can be achieved when a woman matches the ideal concept portrayed by the media, these advertisements are developing and nurturing a strong need in female consumers to obtain this beauty. Because there are many advantages to being attractive in society, it is natural and logical that women would want to fill this need. However, the standards set by society change with time and are generally quite unrealistic, so women are constantly striving to reach these impossible ideals, and will continue to do so as long as society continues advocating for such standards.

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